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Posted by Accelerated Concepts in Accelerated Blog on 5/17/2018

Is your restaurant lacking a business continuity solution?

Your shift is going smoothly. You're already set up to make some decent tips and you just seated a big party. It's going to to be a great night, or so you think, but in an instant all things can change.

All of a sudden you hear a huge gust of wind. The lights are still on, but when you start inputting the order into the POS you notice something is wrong—the system is unresponsive. The manager is running errands so you make the call to continue with the order anyway. At the end, the system is still down and the party has no cash. Not only do you not get tipped, but their meals are now comped along with the other tables you were serving at the time.

This might sound like a nightmare scenario, but it certainly could happen and it's not only the server that suffers here.

Accelerated LTE Solutions

Restaurants of today rely on stable connections for

  • Payment processing
  • Orders & communication with the kitchen
  • Employee management
  • Time tracking systems
  • Public Wifi for customers
  • AV systems
  • PoE Security Cameras
  • and more...

...but the internet isn't infallible. Staying connected during outages with a cellular failover solutions allows businesses to stay worry-free when it comes to payment processing and restaurant management. Add a business continuity plan to any location with primary or backup LTE connectivity on the Accelerated 6310-DX or 6330-MX LTE Routers and CORE 1002-CM LTE Plug-In Modem.

Protect your restaurant with a simple solution to avoid network disruptions and outages, as every minute of network downtime costs you time and money, which can impact your customer service, sales, and brand reputation.

Learn more about Accelerated's LTE solutions or get a quote today.


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