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Posted by Accelerated Concepts in Accelerated Blog on 7/19/2018

According to industry published figures, there are now over 7 billion chip cards issued by banks globally. Upgrade your business continuity plan and avoid revenue loss with LTE failover.

6310-DX LTE Router
The 6310-DX LTE Router is perfect for connecting mobile kiosks, pop-up retail and restaurants, and digital signage across multiple carriers with standard LTE, advanced LTE or LTE with EV-DO fallback. Starting at $299.

With merchants across the country updating their point of sale (POS) systems for EMV chip cards and NFC-enabled mobile wallet and smart pay technologies such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, now is a great time to upgrade and protect networks with LTE failover and redundancy. Accelerated devices provide affordable, compact, and high-performance options that offer primary or failover connectivity to eliminate downtime for businesses who depend on their network to avoid outages that can immediately impact revenue or reputation. Learn more about Accelerated products here such as the futureproof 6310-DX, 6330-MX, and 6350-SR LTE routers utilizing plug-in upgradeable modems all easily manged centrally via Accelerated View™, a cloud-based monitoring & remote management platform to control your LTE devices.

Typical Retail Applications with Accelerated

  • Primary or Back-Up Internet Connectivity for POS
  • Third Party Applications: Survey Kiosk, ATM, Security/Surveillance, Utility Monitoring
  • Remotely Manage via Cloud: 1, 10, or 10,000 locations

Also see us at RetailNOW 2018!

Accelerated at RetailNOW 2018

If you are an agent, dealer, reseller or value added reseller, managed service provider of technology solutions selling into the SMB space or any retail environment within North America, then you can benefit from attending RetailNOW and the Accelerated booth #1319. Questions to ask yourself if you’re considering attendance:

Accelerated View™
Centralize & monitor your LTE connections in the cloud with Accelerated View™
  • Are my merchants looking for solutions that I don’t currently provide?
  • Am I missing out on revenue by not providing additional solutions like security, networking, digital signage, back office, accounting tools, etc?
  • Would my team benefit from engaging with other technology providers who have overcome the exact same challenges that I am facing today?
  • Do I have a solution now that I am selling direct and I am looking to launch a Reseller channel in the future?
  • Could I benefit from education that will help strengthen my business and expand my offerings?
  • What don’t I know about the industry I serve?

If you answered yes to any of the above we hope to see you at RetailNOW 2018 where Accelerated can introduce you to a world of primary & failover solutions developed to ensure maximum uptime and business continuity for your locations. We also invite you to download our Wireless Business Continuity White Paper on to learn more about retail and shopping trends.

With the advent of the Internet, the challenges faced by retail initially appeared to sound its death knell. Instead, the industry has transformed and morphed. From a business process perspective, the Internet is an integral part of retail operations and, with fewer people now using cash and having the ability to pay with NFC-based smart wallets and mobile points of sale, it is apparent that wireless Internet connectivity is an essential lifeline for most retailers.

One of the fastest-growing trends in retail is the concept of "omnichannel marketing." The always-on consumer shops, compares, experiences and purchases a product across multiple devices, properties and websites throughout the day. The opportunity for brick-and-mortar retail locations to be a physical digital experience center is slowly coming to fruition. The introduction of digital displays on counters and shelves will provide prolific content combined with physical inventory. Linked with proximity beacons that tailor content to those shoppers who have already indicated interest in items online, it's possible to tailor promotional offers that take the friction out of making a purchasing decision at the point of interaction.

The combination of technology and big data with analysis and insight enables completely different contextual shopping experiences. This evolving digitized shopping environment accelerates the blurring of offline and online worlds, and also recognizes the distracted nature of the shopper by presenting digestible chunks of information that feed their need to be engaged, participate and enjoy an immersive experience that will ultimately convert them.

Being in the right location at the right time and creating an interactive environment has given rise to the concept of the "pop-up store" that brings its own network. This $8 billion business has been around since 2000, when they first started sprouting up around Europe as "flash stores." Pop-ups can temporarily transform mobile spaces in malls or vacant spaces in retail strip malls. They can also be mobile vehicles touring farmers markets, festivals and sporting events. In many fashionable locations, the pop-up retail trend is linked with the "recycled container" phenomenon that creates boutique-type bars and stores from practical lockups. In all of these situations, the concept of a permanent fixed Internet connection is both cost- and time-prohibitive.


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