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Posted by Accelerated Concepts in Accelerated Blog on 7/19/2018
According to industry published figures, there are now over 7 billion chip cards issued by banks globally. Upgrade your business continuity plan and avoid revenue loss with LTE failover.
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Posted by Accelerated Concepts in Accelerated Blog on 4/20/2016
With the advent of the Internet, the challenges faced by retail initially appeared to sound its death knell. Instead, the industry has transformed and morphed. From a business process perspective, the Internet is an integral part of retail operations and, with fewer people now using cash and having the ability to pay with NFC-based smart wallets and mobile points of sale, it is apparent that wireless Internet connectivity is an essential lifeline for most retailers.

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Posted by Accelerated Concepts in Accelerated Blog on 3/28/2016
The modern world is an always-on and always-connected environment in which the advancements in computing and communications have enabled an exponential growth in data and information. In the U.S., where fourth-generation (4G) LTE networks have been aggressively deployed by all the major carriers (Figure 1), and WiFi has become almost ubiquitous, consumers can access the Internet, their social networks and streaming media, including video, almost anywhere.
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