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Accelerated delivers simple solutions that can enable greater connectivity for all of your machines and devices. Machine to machine communication and the Internet of Things are opening up new possibilities that can help businesses operate and connect devices more efficiently. Use Accelerated Cellular LTE Routers for either primary or backup 3G/4G/LTE connectivity, and stop worrying about losing your connection or sales due to downtime.

Cellular Solutions Stop worrying about losing your connection

6310-DX Cellular Extender with Embedded Cellular Modem

The 6310-DX Cellular Extender provides a reliable and scalable business continuity failover solution that works with your network and devices at any location, and is powered by Accelerated's suite of upgradeable CORE Plug-In LTE modems featuring dual SIM cards and Carrier Smart Select™ to automatically switch between carriers. Upgrade your modem any time, and change to LTE-advanced, standard LTE, or LTE with EV-DO fallback without replacing your router.


6330-MX LTE Router With WAN & WWAN for Any Location

The Accelerated 6330-MX is an affordable, compact and high-performance LTE router that offers Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity to eliminate downtime for businesses who depend on their network to avoid outages that can immediately impact revenue or reputation. The 6330-MX LTE Router is powered by Accelerated’s suite of upgradeable CORE 1002-CM Plug-In LTE modems. This allows users to choose the cellular connectivity speeds that best fit their business requirements and needs, with LTE-Advanced for more data-intensive applications or standard LTE for traditional day-to-day operations.


6300-CX Cellular Extender with Embedded Cellular Modem

The 6300-CX Cellular Extender is an extremely compact, high-performance LTE adapter and modem designed for primary or backup enterprise connectivity via cellular data, and is built on a foundation of global engineering experience from a proven carrier-certified industry leader. The 6300-CX's compact size makes it an excellent solution for connecting M2M applications like kiosks, ATMs, and digital signage, and can be used as primary or backup connectivity for office and retail locations.


6350-SR Modular LTE Router

The Accelerated 6350-SR LTE Router is the perfect solution that allows any Ethernet or optional WiFi connected device to connect to the network with advanced firewall and VPN capabilities. Ensure maximum uptime and performance with the flexibility to deploy solutions in any location where you need quick, easy, reliable connectivity at a much lower cost than traditional Internet connections. WAN connections can be Ethernet or cellular with load balancing and failover.


Stay Connected with 5400-RM Cellular Remote Manager

The Accelerated 5400-RM Cellular Remote Manager allows any Ethernet device to utilize cellular wireless data for either primary or 3G/4G backup connectivity at your location(s). The unit has two high speed USB ports for accepting cellular wireless devices from major manufacturers and wireless carriers. The 5400-RM automatically detects the cellular device and connects to a wireless service provider, then offers the connection to the downstream Ethernet device either in transparent mode or in router (NAT) mode.


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