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How Connected Are You?

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1) Have you ever experienced or worried about connectivity loss or downtime?

Don't worry, you are not alone!
We have a solution to improve your connection and reduce your stress.
Really? You are very lucky!

2) Does your business need to be connected, and would you be interested in never having downtime?

Of course! No one likes downtime.
Our products and solutions can help ensure uptime with a failover connection.
Wow! You must have a unique business or organization. We would love to know more about it!

3) Would a day of downtime be less productive or costly to your business or organization?

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Take The Challenge

Find out how connected you really are and how Accelerated products and solutions could benefit you.

Unplanned Costs of Downtime

  • Most enterprises experience more than 80 hours per year of unplanned downtime (source: Gartner).
  • Downtime or network failure costs also include brand perception, reputation, lost sales.
  • Some industries or businesses have critical operational or compliance requirements.
  • Many companies have to send a technician to a remote site to repair or troubleshoot equipment.
  • The Mean Time to Rectification is an average of over 200 minutes per outage (source: IT Process Institute).
  • Accidental or configuration errors account for over 24% of all failures.
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