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Consistent, Reliable, Scalable. Those are three common needs for most retail location data connections.

You should never miss out on a sale due to downtime. Accelerated retail solutions are simple to setup and maintain, and offer the peace-of-mind knowing that if your primary connection goes down, you don't have to go down with it.

retail solutions Never miss out on a sale

Retail stores rely on fast and stable internet connections for sales processing, inventory management and employee communications.

In the event of service interruption to a store's traditional network (T1, Cable, DSL, etc.) a number of issues can arise including: lost sales, failed PCI-DSS compliance, slower customer transactions, customer frustration, employee frustration and even a negative brand impact.

Retail locations can benefit from using wireless cellular networks as either their primary connectivity option or as a wireless cellular failover system (i.e. provide emergency backup connectivity) from their traditional network to guarantee uninterrupted Internet access for all their locations.

Typical Retail Requirements

  • Timely credit card processing / POS operation;
  • Inventory control;
  • Product Promotions;
  • Employee email or communication access;
  • PCI-DSS compliance;
  • Time management.

Cellular Connectivity Retail Solutions Must Be:

  • Simple to deploy:
    • To avoid costly installation setup;
    • With auto-call home / automatic provisioning from HQ; and
    • Averting truck rolls / repairs where possible.
  • Scalable for hundreds or even thousands of stores;
  • Secure
  • High Performance (4G LTE / or 3G as needed)
    • Allowing for site survey and ideal placement;
    • Making good connections great;
    • With flexible power options including PoE if needed.
  • Affordable
  • Predictable;
  • Flexible (automatically works with most carriers);
  • Centrally managed, monitored and remote controlled; and finally:
  • Have a small footprint and attractive design.

As a primary internet connection, using Accelerated's LTE solutions simplifies setup requirements such as removing the need to setup DSL, Cable or T1 connections. Products such as the 6310-DX, 6330-MX, or 6350-SR can provide a stable connection at a low predictable cost with minimal setup.

In addition, our LTE devices include advanced features such as the ability to setup primary peer-to-peer VPN connections between store locations and HQ as needed.


Simple & Flexible Cellular Extender w/ CORE Plug-In Modem

 6310-DX Data Sheet »


Compact & Versatile Connectivity with Ethernet, WiFi & LTE

 6330-MX Data Sheet »


Modular LTE Router w/ WAN & WWAN Connectivity

 6350-SR Data Sheet »

As a failover solution, Accelerated LTE devices provide peace of mind should the primary (T1, Cable, DSL) connection go down.

Do you need cellular connectivity?

  • As a primary connection?
  • As a failover backup connection?

Do your retail stores have?

  • Diverse locations?
  • Narrow profit margins where a predictable, reliable and cost effective solution is required for internet connectivity?
  • Legacy phone lines or internet connection equipment (with high cost and complexity?)

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