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Upgrade Your Connection Speed & Reliability for Legacy Devices

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Do you still rely on older equipment using dial-based connections? If so, you are not the only one. Today, there are still a large number of appliances installed around the world, such as medical devices, postage meters, Financial ATMs, security systems, etc. that depend on a standard analog phone dial connection (POTS). Accelerated's 5301-DC Dial-to-IP™ Converter is a compact dial termination point designed to work with a variety of legacy dial devices. Our Dial to IP Converter unit was designed for enterprises, small businesses, and consumers that have a large investment in dial devices and wish to connect these devices to broadband networks via Ethernet.

Due to the continual loss of copper-based connections and the overall movement to VoIP-based phone services, dial-up modems are more and more difficult to manage and operate. The 5301-DC provides this capability by emulating the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and handling the dial connection onsite and transmitting the data securely over Ethernet networks. It takes advantage of up to date IP switching technology to communicate with end applications. This offers the user more options in selecting which provider to use and provides enhanced security since all data is transmitted digitally using modern IP encryption standards.

Centrally Managed with Accelerated View™

In addition, the 5301-DC can be centrally managed with our cloud-based management portal, Accelerated View™. There are multiple device settings that can be maintained and distributed from a central management location. This allows an enterprise to rapidly distribute and manage a large number of remote locations in a short amount of time. Accelerated View™ also reports on the status of the remote units and generate alerts based on various criteria, such as when a unit has failed to check in at a specific time.


Features:  5301-DC Dial to IP Converter

The Accelerated Dial-to-IP™ Converter: Model 5301-DC is designed to protect investments in legacy dial-up devices by allowing these devices to connect to IP networks via Ethernet.

The Model 5301-DC works by simulating the PSTN phone network and then converting and transferring data via an Ethernet connection.

No changes to the legacy dial-up equipment are needed.


Resources:  5301-DC Dial to IP Converter



PowerPoint Presentation

5301-DC PowerPoint Presentation



5301-DC Dial-to-IP™ Quick Start Guide

5301-DC User's Guide

5301-DC User's Guide



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5301-DC Support FAQ



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5300-DC Dial to IP™ Converter



5301-DC Firmware

Key Features & Benefits

The Accelerated Dial-to-IP™ Converter: Model 5301-DC allows legacy dial-up devices, such as Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs),  to connect to your IP network via Ethernet.  No changes to the legacy dial-up equipment are required.

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