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Certified Device Detail

Below are all of the certified HW/SW versions of this device.
Manufacturer: Accelerated Concepts
Model Name/Number: 6300-CX
Supported Technologies
and Frequency Bands:
E-UTRA FDD:  Band 2 Band 4 Band 5 Band 13 Band 17 Band 25
GSM:  850 900 1800 1900
UMTS FDD:  Band I Band II Band IV Band V Band VIII
HW Version SW Version
1.0 SWI9X15C_05.05.16.02

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Features & Benefits

Accelerated 6300-CX Cellular Extender serves as a primary or backup connection for your location.

  • Small, lightweight design
  • Powerful antennas
  • Multiple carrier support
  • Change carrier with a simple configuration change
  • IP Passthrough or router mode
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Mounting accessories included
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Accelerated is an award winning provider of enterprise wireless cellular network data hardware and services. Learn more.



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