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Accelerate Your Business with Custom OEM Solutions

Our custom OEM solutions are used today in Fortune 500 companies and major Tier 1 telecommunications service providers. At Accelerated Concepts, we employ world class Linux developers and highly experienced Service and Product designers with significant enterprise and remote management skills.

Accelerated Concepts takes away the risks and the headaches of new product development. We truly partner with your organization, and we deliver solutions that integrate both technically and logistically with your business requirements.

We offer a fully integrated product solution to our OEM partners:

  • We develop software.
  • We develop hardware and we build prototypes.
  • We manufacture the product cost effectively in volume.
  • We custom configure and fulfill.

Our OEM partners buy product that has been customized or custom designed specifically to meet their needs. But Accelerated Concepts is not a contract design house. The services we offer to our OEM partners include custom hardware and software design, but they also extend then to product certification, factory test development, turnkey manufacturing and fulfillment. 

If you are looking to develop custom cellular data appliances that securely connect to the Internet then Accelerated Concepts may have the solution for you. Our OEM partners get customized solutions that are built upon a base that has been tested in the market and proven to meet customer expectations. All OEM offerings are built from the Accelerated Concepts core, which is then extended to meet their custom software and/or hardware requirements. This core integrates open source technologies, so we enable our OEM partners to cost effectively build new custom solutions, or to add secure Internet connectivity to their existing solutions.

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Featured OEM Applications

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Featured OEM Solution:  Smart Weather Warning Device

A start up company asked us to help them develop a unique consumer product to detect extreme weather conditions. Working together Accelerated Concepts provided the engineering and manufacturing for a turnkey residential warning device. We were responsible for the circuitry, case and package design based on input from our customer.

The project broke down into several deliverable tasks:

  • Circuit Design: Refine the circuitry of the research units and add the following features / components: Warning Strobe Light; LCD, Warning Siren and Alkaline Battery. 
  • Case Design: Design and produce a single color plastic case using a standard plastic color and a 1+1 tool for case cover and base. 
  • Packaging: Design and produce 3-color cardboard gift box. 
  • Prototype Boards: Deliver to customer two (2) final prototype boards for review and approval. 
  • Prototype Case: Deliver One (1) plastic prototype case for review and approval. 
  • U.S. FCC Certification: Complete FCC emissions testing and U.S. certification. 

Below is the final circuit board prior to being installed in case:

Oem Board

Resources & Support

Accelerated will provide custom documentation, resources and support for your OEM Solutions.

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