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    Accelerate Your Network with SDN
    and Network Function Virtualization (NFV):

    • Increase Speed
    • Run Multiple Functions
    • Gain Flexibility

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  • Always Stay Connected


    Backup and Failover Solutions

    Accelerated Products with Cloud Based
    Management and Support to Keep
    Your Business Connected

    • Retail
    • Financial
    • Manufacturing
    • OEM

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  • Primary & Backup Cellular Devices


    Built-in 3G/LTE or Bring Your Own Modem
    for Simple and Secure Connectivity

    • Simple, Secure and Managed in the Cloud
    • Eliminate Downtime & Outages
    • Designed for Primary/Backup Connectivity
    • Engineered for Easy & Optimal Installation

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  • Remote Management &
    Cloud-Based Solutions


    Cellular Out of Band Management
    for Remote Equipment

    Control Your Devices with Cellular Failover
    Connectivity. A Secure Path
    to Your Remote Sites

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  • Connected Is Everything™


    Enterprise Cellular, IoT,
    OEM & Cloud Solutions

    • Over 100,000 Accelerated™ Devices
      in over 50 Countries.
    • Executive Management from IBM, AT&T,
      Google and More
    • Top Contributor to Linux Kernel & Open Source Development
    • Global Products, Solutions, and Support

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  • 6300-CX


    LTE Router

    Primary and backup cellular
    connectivity when you need
    it and where you need it.

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  • Accelerated View


    Cloud Management
    & Reporting

    Fully responsive cloud-based monitoring,
    reporting, maps and other features from
    any computer or mobile device.

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  • Awards & Recognition


    IoT solutions solving real world
    retail business issues
    with cellular connectivity

    Accelerated is an award winning
    innovator in enterprise wireless
    cellular, cloud and network hardware
    and software solutions.

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Retail Solutions For Maximum Uptime
News & Events

Posted by Matt Ramsay in Accelerated Blog on 5/20/2016
In high performance computing environments, and on Linux platforms in particular, the ability to run complete virtual compute systems has many advantages. It can greatly improve hardware utilization, reduce physical hardware requirements, facilitate snapshots, allow migration and system failover...

Tom Butts' Full Interview with InformationWeek News Desk at Interop Las Vegas 2016
Posted by Accelerated Concepts in Events & Webinars on 5/13/2016
Watch the InformationWeek News Desk interview with Tom Butts, Accelerated CEO.

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