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Accelerated products deliver simple solutions that can enable greater connectivity for all of your machines and devices. Machine to machine communication and the Internet of Things are opening up new possibilities that can help businesses operate and connect devices more efficiently. Use Accelerated Cellular LTE Routers for either primary or backup 3G/4G/LTE connectivity, and stop worrying about losing your connection or sales due to downtime.

6310-DX Cellular Extender


Cellular Extender

Simple & Flexible Cellular Extender with Core Plug-In Modem

Add instant business continuity to any location with primary or backup LTE connectivity on the Accelerated 6310-DX Cellular Extender. Protect your business and investment with a simple solution to avoid network disruptions and outages, as every minute of network downtime costs you time and money, which can impact your customer service, sales, and brand reputation.



LTE Router

Compact & Versatile Connectivity
with Ethernet, WiFi & LTE

Getting connected and staying connected is even easier at any location with the 6330-MX LTE Router which supports multiple Ethernet and cellular connections with load balancing and failover for optimal business continuity.The 6330-MX is an affordable, compact and high-performance LTE router that offers Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity to eliminate downtime for businesses, especially retailers who depend on their network to avoid outages that can immediately impact revenue or reputation.



LTE Router

Primary or backup
cellular connections

The Accelerated 6350-SR LTE Router is the perfect solution that allows any Ethernet or optional WiFi connected device to connect to the network with advanced firewall and VPN capabilities. Ensure maximum uptime and performance with the flexibility to deploy solutions in any location where you need quick, easy, reliable connectivity at a much lower cost than traditional Internet connections. WAN connections can be Ethernet or cellular with load balancing and failover.

1002-CM Plug-In Module for Integrated LTE Connectivity

CORE 1002-CM

LTE Plug-In Modem

Plug-In Module for
Integrated LTE Connectivity

Stay connected with Accelerated's CORE 1002-CM Plug-In Modem for 4G LTE connectivity. This modular design allows for Dual SIM support with Carrier Smart Select™ that can be integrated with other devices including Accelerated’s 6350-SR Modular LTE Router, a compact, affordable, high-performance router powered by the newly available 4G LTE Plug-In modem.

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Cellular Extender

6300-CX Cellular Extender
with Embedded Cellular Modem

The 6300-CX Cellular Extender is an extremely compact, high-performance LTE adapter and modem designed for primary or backup enterprise connectivity via cellular data, and is built on a foundation of global engineering experience from a proven carrier-certified industry leader. The 6300-CX's compact size makes it an excellent solution for connecting M2M applications like kiosks, ATMs, and digital signage, and can be used as primary or backup connectivity for office and retail locations.

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LTE/3G USB Router

Bring Your Own Modem
with the 6300-LX USB Router

The Accelerated Concepts 6300-LX is a secure USB router that can be used for primary or backup cellular data connectivity. When attached to a 6300-LX, any Ethernet device can utilize fast and convenient cellular data, eliminating the need for expensive and often ineffective external antennas, although one can be used if needed. It is not necessary to co-locate the 6300-LX with other telecommunications equipment; it is designed to be optimally located for the strongest cellular reception.


Cellular Remote Manager

Stay Connected with
5400-RM Cellular Remote Manager

The Accelerated 5400-RM Cellular Remote Manager allows any Ethernet device to utilize cellular wireless data for either primary or 3G/4G backup connectivity at your location(s). The unit has two high speed USB ports for accepting cellular wireless devices from major manufacturers and wireless carriers. The 5400-RM automatically detects the cellular device and connects to a wireless service provider, then offers the connection to the downstream Ethernet device either in transparent mode or in router (NAT) mode.



Accelerate Your Business
with Custom OEM Solutions

Our custom OEM products and solutions are used today in Fortune 500 companies and major Tier 1 telecommunications service providers. At Accelerated Concepts, we employ world class Linux developers and highly experienced Service and Product designers with significant enterprise and remote management skills. Accelerated takes away the risks and the headaches of new product development. We truly partner with your organization, and we deliver solutions that integrate both technically and logistically with your business requirements.

Accelerated View


Centralized and Remote Monitoring,
Reporting & Alerts

Our sophisticated cloud-based portal, aView™ monitors remote wireless data network devices across Tier 1 carriers and service providers. The management portal provides a company with one centralized system to monitor and remotely control all Accelerated devices such as Accelerated Cellular LTE Routers, Accelerated Remote Managers, Accelerated Dial-to-IP™ devices and VPN Gateways.

Accelerated Care

Accelerated Care

Accelerated Care™ Service,
Resources & Support

Extended care and support for Accelerated Solutions. Accelerated provides documentation and resources, product updates, and support for Cellular, M2M and IoT, Industry and OEM Solutions. Accelerated's professional and experienced sales, service and support professionals are ready to assist you with your specific needs and requirements including Cellular, M2M & IoT, Management, OEM and Industry Solutions.

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