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6310-DX Cellular Extender
Cellular Extender

Simple, Affordable & Flexible
Compact Cellular Extender with
CORE Plug-in Modem
6330-MX LTE Router
LTE Router

Advanced LTE Router with WAN
and WWAN for versatile business
continuity at any location
6350-SR LTE Router
LTE Router

Advanced LTE Router for
Primary and Backup Connectivity
with Ethernet, WiFi and LTE
1002-CM 4G LTE Plug-In Modem
CORE 1002-CM
LTE Plug-In Modem

Certified Plug-In Modem to
accelerate your LTE connection
without replacing your router
6310-DX Remote Mounting Kit
6310-DX RMK
Remote Mounting Kit

Install in Minutes
Where Cellular Reception
is Strongest
6300-CX LTE Router
Cellular Extender

Primary or Backup
Cellular Extender with
embedded Cellular Modem
6300-LX USB Router
USB Router

Primary or Backup
LTE Router for
USB Cellular Modems
5400-RM Cellular Manager
Cellular Manager

Cellular Out of Band
Management for Remote
Network Equipment
Accelerated View™
Cloud Management

Responsive cloud-based
network monitoring,
reporting, and alerts
Accelerated Care™
Accelerated Care™
Service & Support

Extended warranty, care and
support services for Accelerated
products and solutions
Accelerated Development Kit
Accelerated Dev Kit
Linux for IoT

Accelerated Linux for the Internet
of Things Development Kit,
Licensing, Docs & Support
OEM Solutions
OEM Solutions
Custom Products & Solutions

Fully integrated products and
solutions development for
OEM partners